"The Master Composter/Recycler program here in Clark County used your traps and did indeed find them to be the best trapping device we had yet tried. We appreciated greatly the convenience and the 'no spill' quality of the product. After cleaning up several spilled jars of orange soda and beer and hearing from teachers who had mishaps with baby food jars containing vinegar, your product, which also seemed to capture more flies than these other methods, was much appreciated."

Kelly Slocum
Vermiculture Specialist
Associate Editor, Worm Digest .

"Your fruit fly traps are an excellent product and work miraculously well!

Fred Blonder

"Since last fall I've had a Natural Catch fruit fly catcher in my kitchen and it's made a big difference. Cutting down on all the fruit fly activity, especially during harvesting of our garden vegetables when they are such a pest. It is so much better than spraying with strong smelling pesticides. I would recommend it to anybody."

M. Klauss
Des Moines, WA

"These traps are wonderful! No smell, no mess, no unsightly contraption. They are so inconspicuous. Best of all they really do work. All I did was set them in the area where the most fruit flies seemed to be, and the trap did the rest. The fruit flies just keep going in the trap. I saw a dramatic difference in just 1 day."

Renee Styles

My name is Jim Davis. I am the owner/operator of a "Alternative" Pest & Wildlife Control Company located in Oxford, Pa. Two years ago, I found your traps in a catalog. After trying this product I found something that works EXTREMELY WELL! Thank You, I really appreciate the attention to detail that has been put into this product. In the past when I received a call about fruit flies, I was reluctant to take the job knowing there would be a great deal of work in trying to control the Drosophila. This is true with any flying insect."

"After using the traps the first year, my customers when asked about the traps performance replied, Ahh pretty good! But when we got hit on the east coast with the drought this year, things went crazy! But I was ready. Thanks to your product I had no "call backs" for the little devils."

Jim Davis


Please advise how to re-order the Natural Catch Fruit Fly Traps. I ordered two from a catalog, which I have since discarded so don't know how to get more. They work BEAUTIFULLY! and I need replacements as soon as possible."

Lamar E. Gilson

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