Natural Catch® controls fruit flies with a safe, easy-to-use, non-toxic, patented design. Made of FDA approved food grade material, Natural Catch is effective for 30 days.

Convenient and Versatile.....
Natural Catch® works anywhere fruit flies are a problem. The patented design allows easy use within displays or stands freely on countertops or in display cases.

Natural Catch® works! It is simple, safe, and economical.

  • Application examples show how the trap can be placed directly in displays.

  • Fruit fly fun facts. Check your fruit fly trivia knowledge.

  • Who is Bio-Logic, Inc? History and mission.

  • Insect control tips help you achieve maximum performance from your traps.

  • Customer Feedback. See how well Natural Catch® traps work for others.

  • WHERE CAN I BUY Natural Catch? Click here to find great sources to get our products.

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